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People filed past a hat , Discount New Era Hat rseally scared shivering , not just yourself this generation is over, it is finished Xia Yibei son to marry without a wife and my daughter marry , looks like no one would dare to be with angel !

I have a son Er Ye masters , to the village tube little thing , is not what the so-called tube something much official , like me, nearly fifty people, and the people above unkind , to give you a dry , assistant director do it , and what the official is not, what treatment did not, of course, in addition to multi- scolded, more work , people just like the one you call Director Liu , of course, if there is a fault on the whole to bear down, you do not accept who bears , what would you not too , people call you a director , white shouting ah.

I Erye , easy-going , no temper , with both old and young , and get up, what fear of offending Er Ye to let me live that running errands , top to personalize something, with the rear end what to pour a water , is this what the official way , with his grandson at best can only be considered as a cadre of activists , to be elected officers , even a confirmed staff are not on the mix !

Village cadres meeting people , I also participated in Er Ye , the election of bourgeois right, above one percent quota to the next , our village was poor, at no less care of our village , like other villages have two to one hundred percent five per cent yet. Proportionally , both should be out of our village , where a man is dead set in , that is, that our village fields two silly , crazy every day , all summer without winter calendar piece of iron wearing his trousers, ass bloom, revealing half ass , met anyone bow : "Hey, hello ! " People clutching his nose shouting: "Go ! " He went better and better , even into a big prison , good depends also considered to have a place to eat, fix back of pants to wear . The second person , so everyone made ​​a difficult , so who is going the right way , the third generation, three generations have lived a little pimple on the earth , Whose Who unclear how much someone's day , let alone the bourgeois Rightists , and are too poor ass covered with tile , eat on Dayton 's . Nor how coincidence , I hurt my stomach Er Ye : "You first discuss , I go out and come back in urine beach ! " Everybody look at me , I see you : "For him ! Natured Fortunately, doing positive things . " Er Ye brigade secretary gave me to do ideological work : " when you go back bourgeois Rightists it is a gust of wind thing. denounced what if the catch , give you great demerit work points , to the relief of the village economy with what's on the first you . " Er Ye I really like picking up a large ingot -like, almost happy that he found the mouth of the back of the head child , my grandmother told me two together one night , the next day Mama Liang also to a large group of children wear big green hat with a small rope children Er Ye gave me from the blanket to bundle away, then do not give even a motorcycle ride , throw a bike on the shelf after the car , like a pack a sack like it to pack away. One to go on no longer able to come back .

That hurt my uncle , Wholesale New Era MLB Hats and nearly fifty was from Sichuan to reclaim a small daughter , less than two years old . My uncle told people in the village have changed the port , met uncle who is not called Big Brother called People muzzled , not saying anything . More than sixty years old my uncle went away , leaving my aunt pulled just over thirty four children , not to mention people do not like family into a door , perhaps infected by my uncle , my aunt , thirty year-old man also with six -year-old as the same !

The last thing we will not mention . Now do not know where the sinister , hats suddenly drill out from under the ground , people with enchanted like , really , like to keep up with a marching order to bursting took his hat and handed the money to the people , three one thousand , five thousand , or even ten thousand in all, the happy hat factory owners , would save money in the home , the point was all hand pain . Did not say, For day and night in three shifts , overtime ! But is this also in short supply , and what famous , famous national , world- renowned , recognized by the United Nations , experts , and entrepreneurs , and chairman of the board , and what type of both.
Other industries , I do not know, I talk about the education industry . How so many experts , I see "special folders" also almost exclusively to the people in his pocket clip money, people do not come to eat spit out the bones . What are you from Tsinghua University, Beijing out of the offices sit in what you're an expert , who closed and you have to give parents letters, too student letters, front-line teachers have closed , you are the expert is really , or what experts is a beach dog urine , shit worth !

I also confess a specialist , you take my son , the child be put wen'an a university , a something, Man said let me tell you called experts , is to let me get down with your master are called into ! How much money you gave me , I can afford to give you I give , I could not give you, I would lie in front of the supermarket Shing begging you to go !
Now experts are suffering too , leaving the betrayed conscience goof up , asked people give money to a quality class ah, ah courseware , papers Yeah , you see the two papers dance , what the experts say , and what experts said that famous , I'll ask you one : how to get the kids down the burden , how to get the kids to enjoy the fun of the students ?
Thus, twenty years, I have not made a paper , they despise me, and I eight despise them , I would rather put the money to buy the papers begging Hanako , nor for a catchy title to those experts a child !
A song "into a new era" sings: We are singing The East is Red , the masters stood up , and now I want to sing , what song we sing come, I no longer line of the song , to the new era hat !